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Thank you.

Today, July 13th, officially marks Farmigo’s last delivery of fresh, local food. After careful examination, and despite the best efforts of everyone involved, we can no longer continue our community delivery operations sustainably. However, our CSA software service will continue to live on and evolve, as we look for partners to take over our logistics and delivery operations.

Above all, I want to thank everyone who worked to make this dream a reality: our dedicated Organizers and members, and our incredible farmers and food makers. Your support has meant the world to us, and without question has been our most meaningful asset over the past three years. We’re dedicated to doing all we can to provide support in the transition, and as a first step, we’ve created lists of all of our producers to help customers stay connected — you can find those posts on the Farmigo blog, separated for the Seattle-Tacoma, Greater New York, and Bay Areas

I also want to thank the Farmigo team. Hands down, this has been the best group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and your commitment and dedication have been a constant source of inspiration. Each and every one of you was the best at what you did, and it shone through in your work. Thank you.

Ultimately, Farmigo was just one possible answer to an enormous question: how do we fix our food system? There’s no question in my mind that as a nation, the way we grow, make, and distribute food on an industrial scale is broken. While this path may not have gotten us all the way there, the destination remains the same. This is something that needs to happen, and I firmly believe it will — each failure gets us one step closer to a success.

Those of us remaining at Farmigo remain just as dedicated to tackling the problem. There’s still a huge opportunity to connect farms, food makers, local leaders, food lovers, cooks, and more in a way that works and is profitable for everyone. Going forward, we’ll be reinvesting our resources into Farmigo’s CSA Software Management platform, extending it to connect farmers with additional sales channels. I will continue to do everything I can to keep fighting the good fight, putting my resources and skills to use continuing to improve on our software and more.

Stay inspired.

— Benzi Ronen, Farmigo CEO & Co-Founder


  1. Ellen Wolf Ellen Wolf

    This amazing service will certainly be missed!

  2. Benzi! We loved Farmigo, thanks for all your work. Everyone in our community is sad for it to end, but grateful for the experiences we had.
    – Paul

  3. Angela Angela

    Sad to see you suspend your service, but appreciate that you recognized that the model as is was not sustainable. I agree that the way we can connect farmers and consumers in a more effective manner will benefit both! I want to purchase locally organically grown foods as direct as possible and look forward to a re-formatted Farmigo in the future! All the best!

  4. Please keep in touch with your organizers and customers in the future. If you re-vamp and evolve, we want to be there with you!
    Ivette Cirino & Javklyn Lahav
    Flatbush Farmigo-Brooklyn NY

  5. Laura Lawler Laura Lawler

    Thankful for you folks, and really enjoyed trying the great foods you offered. It really was a blessing, and I’m sad that you’re closing up shop. Best of luck to you.

  6. carol e carol e

    So sorry things didn’t pan out the way they were suppose to. I really enjoyed the selections of organics foods and got to taste a few things I would have never purchased or found in our locals. It is sad to end this enjoyable service. Thank you for all the services during my shopping with you.

  7. Katrina Saintil Skinnell Katrina Saintil Skinnell

    As a frequent shopper at the Union Square farmers market in Manhattan, I found myself in a bit of a funk when I realized traveling to the city from Long Island by bus and train with an infant was just not feasible. So last week when I learned about Farmigo from one of the vendors, I got so excited and started visioning one day in the near future opening a chapter in Elmont. I’m so sorry to see that service is being suspended. I will look into joining the newsletter to keep updated with happenings with Farmigo or I’ll just stalk you guys from time to time via social media. I wish you and your team all the best. Good luck.

  8. Terri Terri

    Thank you for providing my family with the wonderful healthy alternatives each week. We treasured having this in our home and will miss it very much.

  9. athena vouloumanos athena vouloumanos

    Thank you. You have changed our expectations for the food we eat and transformed our meals. My kids (2 years and 3.5 years old) would eagerly anticipate Wednesdays as “the day the farmers come,” and we will all miss you and the essential service and gift you gave us dearly.

    Please keep us in the loop with developments and new ventures.

    my grateful thanks and best wishes,

    athena vouloumanos
    (organizer at Creative Steps School, NYC)

  10. Karin Johnson Karin Johnson

    I’m so sad to lose this wonderful service.
    Thank you so much for the truly GOOD and worthy work that you have done.

  11. Eileen Ajamian Eileen Ajamian

    Thank you soon much for all that you have done with farmingo. You will be missed, but please keep in touch, especially if you venture out again in this territory. Thank you to all the hard workers and farmers for an amazing program.

  12. David Sher David Sher

    Dear Benzi

    I have always believed in the Farmigo way, and am very saddened to learn of the suspension of service just announced. I think a lot of us are refusing to believe it is happening.

    Wishing you and the entire community of Farmigo users and employees, past present and future, continued development and prosperity.

    I continue to be inspired and believe,

  13. Mary Paquette Mary Paquette

    The food was delicious and the customer service exceptional!

    We will miss you in White Plains!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

    Mary and Larry Paquette

  14. Bummer! First Good Eats and now Farmigo? Based on these two examples, it seems that farm-sourced grocery delivery service just doesn’t work as a business model. I wonder what the sticking point is — the inventory side (managing the vendor pickups, inventory, packing) or the delivery side (door-to-door, pick-up sites, does neither work)? I know companies are proprietary by nature, but it would be great for the sustainability movement to understand the challenges in detail. Anyway, back to the farmer’s markets we go!

  15. Lynne Lynne

    I will so miss the weekly deliveries of such wonderful food from Farmigo. Thank you so much and hopefully some incarnation of Farmigo can live on. Congratulations on a job well done and well appreciated.

  16. Regina Dlugokencky Regina Dlugokencky

    What effect did this have on the farmers who planned for this sales outlet? Why wouldn’t you have just finished out the season?

  17. Corey Corey

    Thanks for offering Farmigo! It will be missed.

  18. Linda and didier Linda and didier

    We were proud to be organizers and we miss you already, Monday will be a sad day.

  19. I will miss Farmigo, it was very convenient for us, and the choice and quality of products was outstanding. So sad to see it end.

  20. We are definitely big fans. How can we get in touch regarding partners to help with logistics / delivery operations? Thank you, Alex @

  21. Thank you so very much for offering your services to us when you were able. I am so heartbroken to see it end……Benzi, you so beautifully wrote the truth here: that our system is broken and needs to be fixed. I am a recent graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and I am also an RN for 17 years, so I know the damage that this food system had done to our citizens. Thank you for helping others recognize the importance of being healthy! We share a common goal: to get people healthy again. Please keep us posted if you do decide to restart this wonderful service! It was life changing!

  22. Mac Walker Mac Walker

    You should have kept going through the entire season instead of just halting mid-harvest.

  23. We’re very interested in a discussion regarding potential collaborative opportunities with the Farmigo team. Please help connect. Thanks!

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