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Let’s Hit the Road

Farmigo’s roots are in the CSA world — it did (and still does) serve as a software tool to aid farms all across the country in managing their community-supported agriculture programs. Farmer’s markets, coops, community gardens, CSAs, Farmigo…we’re all pieces of a growing movement, a shift in the way people think about and get their food. 

Our CSA management system and our own community-focused efforts are two very symbiotic parts of the same whole. The existence of our Community/Organizer model has helped many of the CSA farmers we already work with gain access to new markets. Case in point: during our recent launch in Seattle, our CSA network proved an invaluable resource to us as we built on relationships we’d already established with farms in the Pacific Northwest.

Karli Miller-Honick is Farmigo’s CSA Management Software Business Manager, and is responsible for forging and maintaining those relationships. With more than 300 farms spread across the country, it’s a tricky thing to manage, especially with so little face-to-face time. Luckily, it was a the conundrum that led to Karli simultaneously landing on a way to fulfill a lifelong dream and get more out of her job: buying a bus.




For the past 5 months, Karli has been renovating an old school bus to transform it into an RV complete with home office and living space. It’s the kind of DIY project she’s always wanted to tackle (with some help from her friends and family…and her dog, Zeke!), and the mobile office will let her visit and meet with farmers in a whole new, game-changing way. It’s a grassroots way to build new relationships and spread our story on the road, and we’re psyched. 

Follow Karli’s progress on her blog, HoopHouseand on Facebook. When everything’s ship shape and road-ready, we’ll be adding some Farmigo flair to the exterior, and seeing her off on her cross-country journey with a launch party…details to come!



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