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Know Your Source

You may be an old friend, or you may have never heard of us before: either way, we’re so happy you’ve found us. It’s the start of something new for us, a fresh way to share our stories with you.

Farmigo is a kind of an online farmer’s market, where you can get fresh food, direct from the source: our mission is to create a food system that’s better for everyone, from farmers to eaters. Here’s how it works:

  1. Order Online: Do your weekly shopping for fresh produce, dairy, fish, meats, snacks, and more! Order a la carte, with total flexibility.
  2. We Harvest: Our products are typically harvested or made after you order, helping us reduce food waste and ensure everything is incredibly fresh and loaded with nutrition.
  3. You Pick Up: Head to your neighborhood pick-up spot to get your groceries and enjoy!


We truly believe that good food is worth it: Farmigo producers receive two to three times the industry standard of 20 cents to the dollar. In other words, our farmers and food makers are earning what their food is actually worth. The industrial food system has set a false standard, and to fix it, we all need to recognize real value — in the field and on our tables.

We also believe good food should never go to waste. Most grocery stores lose 40% of their inventory due to expiration and spoilage. For our fresh, local food we keep inventory and waste down with a “just-in-time” delivery model to ensure you’re getting the freshest food in a responsible way. Our marketplace is only open for a few days each week because we need to give our farmers and foodmakers time to harvest, bake, or catch whatever you’ve bought…no more, and no less. And if we do have any extra? We donate our surplus to local food banks.




We support a varied and independent food system. Our food is made with whole, clean ingredients, our produce is non-GMO and grown sustainably, and our livestock, poultry, and fish are raised or caught humanely and conscientiously. All of our partners are completely transparent about their operating practices.

We want to bring joy to those who savor their food and care about where it comes from, who made it, and how it got to their plate. Storytelling is key to forging those connections, whether it’s diving deep into everything strawberry (did you know all those seeds are actually ovaries?), expounding on the gray areas of GMOs, or getting up close and personal with a fisherman and his flounder.

If you’re ready for a brand new way to shop, cook, and support the local economy, this is it. Invite your friends, invite your family, and let’s dig in.

For more information, visit our About page, and to find a pick-up spot near you head on over here.


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