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Grains with Integrity

Community Grains got its start when Bob and Maggie Klein set out to find high quality, locally grown grains for their Oakland-based restaurant, Oliveto. It turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task, since most California grain is grown in an industrial system that prioritizes efficiency and consistency over quality and sustainability.

Inspired to change that, Bob and Maggie founded Community Grains, which now offers the only 100% California-grown and -milled whole grain wheat flours, polenta, and pasta on the market.

Community Grains & Full Belly Farms
Community Grains & Full Belly Farms

Community Grains is more than just a name: it’s the essence of this Oakland-based business, which Bob and Maggie built in conjunction with local farmers, millers, bakers, chefs, and eaters. The ultimate goal is to build a “thriving local grain economy through the power of great tasting food.”

Their distinctive California-grown grains represent a sense of place and a sense of connection, to the people who grew them and to the land itself. Working with local Bay Area farms and businesses like Full Belly Farms and The Pasta Shop, each collaboration and each exchange — of ideas, resources, and raw materials — contributes to building a stronger local food system.

Transparency and traceability are a part of the entire process and exceptional craftsmanship is the end result.

Photos courtesy of Community Grains.

Community Grains represents the kind of food system we should be striving towards: a regionalized network that fosters connections between people and organizations, emphasizes sustainability, quality, affordability, and access, and puts more dollars into the hands of small businesses and community members.

Learn (and taste!) more at Farmigo.

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