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Chaseholm Family Creamery

Brother and sister team Sarah and Rory Chase are the third generation to manage the cozy dairy and creamery at Chaseholm Farm, which has been in the family since the 1930s. Nestled on 350 acres of idyllic pasture, fields, and woods, the siblings share a meaningful connection with the land.

“We believe that the quality of our milk is deeply related to the quality of our soil and the life that it can support, bacterial, fungal, herbaceous and animal,” Sarah writes.


Sarah (the baby of the family) raises their “motley crew” of Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss cattle in the farm’s rolling green pastures, many of which are descended from her father’s own herd. She meticulously plans grazing patterns to avoid exhausting the fields, so they can regenerate quicker, and she and her team of eager young farmers treat the herd with nothing but love and respect.

She’s aiming to become a 100% grass-fed dairy and has gotten pretty close – from April to November, her cows feast on the grasses and legumes, while in the winter months, they live on homegrown forages and organic corn.

While Sarah watches the herd, Rory mans the creamery, taking the delicious, creamy milk and crafting it into amazing cheeses. An admitted cheese nerd, he converted one of the oldest barns into a cheese-making plant and aging cave in 2007.


He makes sure each wheel of farmstead cheese is made the old-fashioned way, washing each wheel carefully by hand and lining them in rows on the weathered shelves of the aging room. Each bite of Chaseholm’s farmstead cheeses is a piece of history, steeped in the tradition that’s ingrained in the farm and the carefully-crafted journey of earth to cheese.


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