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Rogowski Farm is Quintessentially American

Cheryl Rogowski is as real and quintessentially American as small farming gets. Her farm is in Warwick, in Pine Island, NY — her father granted her the 5,000 acres in 1984, when Cheryl was only in her early 20s.

Cheryl got started growing sunflowers and chilis, and today grows a huge variety of gorgeous produce. She brings serious passion to her work, matching an unusually adaptive and innovative approach with an appreciation for tradition. Her farm is entirely chemical-free, she composts, they buy organic chicken manure, utilize biodynamic methodologies — her passion for sustainable farming is extreme.

She’s been recognized by Orange Environment for her exceptional land stewardship and environmental practices. It’s the kind of work that pays off in spades: you can see it in the quality of their black-dirt soil, and the amazing produce grown from preserved, heirloom seeds.



One of the earliest CSA founders in the country, she’s an active believer in community programs, and in ensuring that people from all walks of life at all income levels have access to delicious, fresh food.

Farming is in Cheryl’s blood — she says she was “born in the dirt” — and she manages the farm with passion, love, and verve.


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